Casem Kasem Will Be Buried in…Norway?

Radio legend Casey Kasem remains unburied nearly two months after his death on Father’s Day 2014, but the Scooby-Doo star will soon find a final resting placeā€¦in the Norwegian city of Oslo. The report surfaced on Friday and is the latest in a bitter war between Kasem’s adult children and his widow Jean Kasem that…

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Robin Williams Had Parkinson’s, Wife Says

Robin Williams, the beloved funnyman who hung himself in his Northern California home on Monday, was battling the early stages of Parkinson’s disease. This according to his widow, graphic designer Susan Schneider.

“Ew!” Featuring Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Swift

You don’t have wait until The Giver hits theaters to get your latest glimpse of Taylor Swift’s acting prowess. The country crooner’s Wednesday night appearance on The Tonight Show came complete with a side-splitting spot in the latest installment of Jimmy Fallon’s perpetually star-studded Ew! sketch.

New Michael Jackson Video “A Place with No Name” Premieres on Twitter

A posthumous video release featuring departed pop king Michael Jackson made it’s Twitter debut on Wednesday evening. “A Place with No Name” — the latest release from MJ’s summer seller Xscape — uses outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage from Jackson’s “In The Closet” video. Some have branded the promo’s release exploitation, others call it celebration. Which…

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Savannah Guthrie’s Baby Bun Came Out of the Oven

Welcome to the world, Vale Guthrie Feldman! #CongratsSavannah — TODAY (@TODAYshow) August 14, 2014 The Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie is used to early rising — but the morning hostess just got a brand-new alarm clock in the form of a baby girl. Guthrie and hubby Michael Feldman welcomed their first child, a daughter…

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