The 15 Nuttiest Celebrity Stalkers Of All Time


Sometimes fame comes with a price. And sometimes that price comes in the form of a crazy person believing they are in a relationship with you and/or stalking your every move to get closer to you.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most obsessive stalkers that celebrities have had to deal with over the years and maybe it will make you appreciate that you too aren’t stalked by a cuckoo.

Or maybe you are. In that case, know that you aren’t alone.

Richard Gere

Stalked by: Ursula Reichert-Habbishaw (51 year-old mother of four kids ages 16 to 22)

What did she do? – Reichert-Habbishaw contacted Gere phone, fax and email around 1,000 times and showed up at his Greenwich Village office at least 6 times.
Why? She’s quoted as saying: “I want to be with you and share your life.”

Result: She got out of any jail time by taking the next plane home to Germany but added extra drama by fainting outside the courtroom when cameramen approached her.

Steven Spielberg and Jennifer Love Hewitt

Stalked by: Diana Napolis

What did she do? – Napolis threatened to violently confront Spielberg at a movie premiere and stalked Hewitt at various events yelling at her and calling the actress a murderer.

Why? -She believed Spielberg and his wife, Kate Capshaw, were part of a satanic cult who inserted “soul catchers” into people as a way to control them….she believed Hewitt was trying to kill her via mind control.

Result:She was put on probation, was ordered to take her psychiatric medications and to stay away from Spielberg and Hewitt for at least 10 years.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Stalked by:Dante Michael Soiu (51 year-old pizza deliveryman from Ohio)

What did he do?– In 2000, Soiu sent her 5 letters a day, packages of pornography, flowers, candy and pizza and showed up at her parent’s house multiple times.

Why? – He was declared legally insane at the trial.

Result: – He was committed to a high-security psychiatric hospital in California as a result of Paltrow’s testimony that she was “very fearful” of him.

Halle Berry

Stalked by: Greg Broussard (40 year-old Louisiana native who claimed to be a Navy SEAL)

What did he do? – God apparently told him to marry the actress so he sent numerous letters stating that although he “didn’t want to hurt anybody,” he would do anything to get to the actress. He also sent an engagement ring and other inappropriate gifts.

Why? – God said so and she came to him in his dreams

Result: Berry was granted a restraining order. (Broussard had a past of odd behavior like being arrested for “grabbing” himself in public and his own mother called the cops on him in 2001 when he refused to take his medication for a chemical imbalance.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Stalked by: Dawnette Knight (32 year-old who planned on becoming a child psychologist)

What did she do? – In 2004, Knight sent threatening letters and described in one how she would “cut Zeta-Jones into little pieces and feed her to the dogs.” She also knew the name of their nanny and the layout of their house.

Why? – Knight got it into her head that she loved Catherine’s husband Michael Douglas and set out to get rid of the wife.

Result: Zeta-Jones nearly had a nervous breakdown and Knight was sentenced to three years in jail.

Mel Gibson

Stalked by: Zack Sinclair (34 year-old drifter from Idaho)

What did he do? – In 2004, he sent multiple letters to Gibson and showed up at his house and church in attempts to pray with the actor.

Why? – He was obsessed with the Gibson directed The Passion of the Christ.

Result: Sinclair was sent to a secure psychiatric facility and given a maximum three-year jail sentence.

Janet Jackson

Stalked by: Robert Gardner (46 year-old long term stalker)

What did he do? – According to Jackson, he stalked her for nine years, sent her multiple messages, showed up at random events like the 2004 trial for her brother Michael and a Saturday Night Live rehearsal. At the rehearsal, he was caught in possession of a box cutter and a knife.

Why? – He believed the two were in a relationship.

Result: Jackson was granted a three-year restraining order.

Hilary Duff

Stalked by: Maksim Myaskovskiy (18 year-old from New York)

What did he do? – He threatened to harm Duff at a 2006 event she was to attend and showed up at her mom’s house and her then boyfriend Joel Madden’s house. He stated his intention to buy a weapon and engage in dramatic actions to get her attention.

Why? He was “obsessed” by her and Madden stood in the way of them being together.

Result: Myaskovskiy was sentenced to 117 days in jail and five years probation.

Jodie Foster

Stalked by: John Hinckley (now 53)

What did he do? – He moved near her when she went to Yale University and slipped poems and messages under her door but after that didn’t work decided on a plot to assassinate the president to get her attention. Hinckley went for Jimmy Carter first but got arrested and in 1981 fired 6 shots at the newly elected Ronald Reagan, hitting him with one that ricocheted of the limo.

Why? – Hinckley became obsessed with the movie Taxi Driver in 1976 where Foster plays a child prostitute and wrote that the shooting was “the greatest love offering in the history of the world” and was upset that Foster didn’t reciprocate his feelings.

Result: Hinckley was arrested at the scene of the shooting and to this day is at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington D.C.

Sheryl Crow

Stalked by: Ambrose Kappos (38 year-old)

What did he do? – He tried to approach Crow after a 2003 concert but she was rushed away into her limousine. He also called Crow’s sister and told her that God was speaking to him and asked to speak to Sheryl but hung up when he was denied.

Why? Kappos identified himself as Crow’s “spiritual twin.”

Result: Kappos was found innocent of stalking Sheryl Crow and said, “This could have been better handled if it was recognized for what it was–an honorable man trying to court a good woman, and a simple ‘no thank you’ from her or her duly or authorized agents would have been satisfactory.”

Anna Kournikova

Stalked by: William Lepeska (40 year-old)

What did he do? – He swam naked toward her Miami Beach estate in 2005 but was arrested when he got out onto the pool deck of the wrong house. While being arrested he shouted, “Anna! Save me!” Lepeska also bombarded the tennis player with sexually explicit letters and emails, has “Anna” tattooed on his right bicep and once followed Anna across America to L.A.

Why? “I thought Anna possibly had some sincere regard for me,” he said. He also had been previously obsessed with Mel B of the Spice Girls for five years “but finally I said the heck with her, moving on to greener pastures”.

Result: Lepeska was ordered mentally unfit to stand trial and was ordered to spend six months in a treatment facility in Florida.

Pamela Anderson

Stalked by: William Peter Stansfield (29 year-old from Newcastle, England)

What did he do? Anderson reported that Stansfield harassed her, her sons (even showing up at their school) and other family members for more than a month. The apparently homeless Stansfield randomly showed up at stores that Anderson frequented as well as around her neighborhood.

Why? Stansfield claims he wanted the “Baywatch” beauty to star in a movie he had written for her.

Result: Anderson was granted a three-year restraining order.

John Lennon

Stalked by: Mark David Chapman (now 53 year-old The Catcher in the Rye fan)

What did he do? On the morning of December 8, he bought a copy of The Catcher in the Rye and signed it as his “statement.” Chapman then hung out around the entrance of The Dakota apartment building where Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono lived and waited. Lennon signed a copy of Double Fantasy for Chapman earlier in the evening and when Lennon arrived back to the building around 10:49pm, Chapman fired five shots at him – four of which hit Lennon’s back and shoulder.

Why? Chapman murdered John Lennon in 1980 after becoming obsessed with him and then obsessed with killing him.

Result: Chapman has been in Attica State Prison ever since charged with second-degree murder and has been denied parole five times.

Uma Thurman

Stalked by: Jack Jordan (37 year-old who had a crush on Thurman since high school)

What did he do? He repeatedly visited her house and even though he was never invited in, he believed that he might be sooner or later. Jordan tried to get to her trailer on the set of a film and passed her a bizarre card that said, “my hands should be on your body at all times.” He also sent Thurman a picture of a bride with her head torn off and a drawing of a stick figure standing on top of a razor blade.

Why? He believed that they should be together.

Result: He ended up being sentenced to three years probation and told to stay away from Thurman.

Jerry Lewis

Stalked by: Gary Benson (57 year-old)

What did he do? – He pursued Lewis for years until he was sent to prison in 1995 for threatening to kill Lewis and his family. When he got out of prison, he sent Lewis a note saying, “Dear Jerry, Your Dead. Your friend, Gary Benson.”

Why? Benson was diagnosed as schizophrenic and was “periodically seized without warning by unpredictable homicidal decisions and impulses.”

Result: He served 4 years of a six-year jail term and went back to jail after violating probation only to be found dead from heart disease in his cell in 2001.


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