Comedian Hannibal Buress Calls Bill Cosby Out On His Rape Charges


Bill Cosby has become one of the most beloved entertainers of all time thanks to The Cosby Show, the Jell-O commercials, and his hilarious stand-up. It is because of our love for this public figure that we never talk about or hear about this mans dark history. Cosby allegedly drugged and rapped various women over the years.…

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Graffiti Artist Banksy’s Arrest In London Is A Hoax


Sorry to report to you all who believed it but “The Banksy Arrest” story was all a hoax. If you don’t know the story here’s a recap: It was reported earlier that graffiti artist, political activist, film director, painter, and a long time fugitive, with various aliases but currently goes by Banksy, was arrested this morning by…

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