Do We Really Need a “Mrs. Doubtfire” Sequel?

Nobody puts out a boob fire quite like Robin Williams in a dress. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a sequel to Williams’ 1993 comedy hit Mrs. Doubtfire is actually happening, with both the comedy legend and director Chris Columbus on board for the long delayed follow-up.

Rapper Christ Bearer Cuts Off Penis, Jumps Off Balcony

Who needs a penis in the afterlife, right? Christ Bearer, a rapper affiliated with the groundbreaking hip-hop collective The Wu-Tang Clan, cut off his manhood and jumped from a balcony in North Hollywood early Wednesday. Authorities tell TMZ that the musician was trying to commit suicide when he leaped from the second floor of an…

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Donnie Wahlberg “Put a Ring” on Jenny McCarthy

ABC US News | ABC Business News “If you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it.” Are people still saying that? We really should try to stay more current. Oh well, at any rate, the expression cannot be applied to Donnie Wahlberg. The ex-boy bander (New Kids on the Block, for those…

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Barbara Walter’s Retirement Will Reunite All 11 “View” Co-Hosts

After 17 years of Hot Topics, Barbara Walters will retire as a panelist on The View next month. The 83-year-old news veteran remains the only original member of the five outspoken women she assembled as the daytime gabfest’s inaugural cast in 1997. Many have come and gone since then. Some exits have been more noteworthy…

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