Meet Otis: Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Welcome Son

It’s a boy! That’s right: Olivia Wilde took to Twitter on Wednesday evening, announcing the healthy arrival of her son with fiance Jason Sudekis. (Cue the “Ohhs” and “Ahhs.”) They’ll call the tot Otis Alexander.

Avril Lavigne Laughs in the Face of “Hello Kitty” Racist Claims

Avril Lavigne is not a racist. Thank you very much. At least, that’s the PR line the “What the Hell?” singer is trying to sell the angry mob of Tweeters taking her to task over her newly-released song and accompanying video, “Hello Kitty.” Yeah…no one’s really buying it.

Los Angeles Judge: Jailed Chris Brown Isn’t Going Anywhere

Sheesh…the stars are not aligning for R&B baddie Chris Brown. As it appears at press time, the bruisin’ crooner will celebrate his 25th birthday in the Los Angeles County lockup. The earliest possible date Brown can expect to be released from jail will be in June, when his assault trial in Washington DC is set…

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Jodie Foster Married Ellen DeGeneres’ Ex Alexandra Hedison

How’s this for a game of Six Degress of Celebrity Separation? Jodie Foster married Alexandra Hedison. Alexandra is the ex-girlfriend chat show queen Ellen DeGeneres. DeGeneres dumped Hedison for her now wife, Portia de Rossi. Take notes, they’ll be a quiz on this later.

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Wife Separating After 20 Years of Marriage

After 20 years of what onlookers could only describe as wedded bliss (which is as rare as unicorns in the City of Angels), Cuba Gooding Jr. and his wife Sara Kapfer are boarding the train to Splitsville. The high school sweethearts, who wed in 1994, filed for legal separation this week, offering no details on…

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