Zoey 101 Crew Doubts Casey Aldridge Fathered Jamie Lynn Spears Baby, Says Nickelodeon Employee

Perhaps Jamie Lynn Spears’ teen pregnancy isn’t the result of money-grubbing lax parenting, after all. A Zoey 101 writer, turned spying mole, claims the show’s entire crew has been left shocked by the news that Jamie Lynn is in the family way, particularly given her mother’s “overbearing” history of breathing down her neck every five seconds. The set has been left scratching their heads as to how Casey and Jamie could have had sex when Lynne barely allows the teen lovers any alone time; and once again a Zoey 101 set member has been fingered as the pop.

According to a report in the New York Daily News:

“Everyone on the set is shocked by Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy. He [the writer] said Jamie comes off as a shy girl, and that her mother, Lynne, rules her with an iron fist.” The writer also said Spears’ boyfriend, Casey Aldridge, is “petrified of Lynne” – and that the crew is doubting he’s even the father, because he and Jamie Lynn are rarely alone. “They don’t know who did it,” our spy overheard. “He even said it could be anyone on the show!”

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