Zach Braff Death Hoax, “The Rachel Zoe Project” Wraps Second Season, “Toy Story 3” Trailer, And More Evening Crunch Crumbs

On Monday, Yo Gabba Gabba! kicked off a new season that will feature appearances by Andy Samberg, MGMT, and The Roots. On Oct. 20, the Nick Jr. series will releases a hip and kid-friendly music compilation, check it out

Have you seen the trailer for Toy Story 3 yet?

Complex Presents: The 100 Best T-Shirts of the 2000s……

SNL’s Bill Hader is celebrating the birth of daughter Hannah Kathryn….

VH1 has dug up a dozen more dumbasses to compete “For The Love of Ray J……”

Karl Lagerfeld says no one wants to look at “fat models.” This is one designer that seriously needs to zip his lips…

Did The Jay Leno Show kill Southland?

Who is the horrible person responsible for the starting the Zach Braff Death Hoax on Twitter? Show yourself!

Tracy Morgan’s new book, I Am the New Black, arrives in stores next week…..

The Rachel Zoe Project, starring celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, wraps its second season on Bravo tonight…

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