Zach Braff Dead? Zach Braff Death Hoax

You’re nobody till somebody kills you..on the Internet. Yeah — so Zach Braff is sooo not laughing at yesterday’s death hoax that erupted on social media hubs like Facebook and Twitter.
Zach Braff Dead
On Monday, an online report emerged, claiming that the Garden State star had taken his own life. The death rumors began circulating after this “breaking news story” in a fake template popped up on Twitter. Braff’s fake death announcement caused quite a stir on the microblogging website, where it remained a trending topic for the duration of the day.

“Comedian Zach Braff was found dead inside his 32,000 square foot estate in Beverly Hills, California this afternoon, as an alleged suicide,” the report read. “Beverly Hills police were called to the scene at about 2:00pm EST. today to find the actor with an empty pill bottle at his side.”

“No further details have been released pending full autopsy results.”

Another website said that Braff fell from a cliff while filming a movie in New Zealand. Ironically, the cliffs of New Zealand were also the location of actor Jeff Goldblum’s mock death last June.

“I’m alive,” the Scrubs star says in a new video blog recorded to combat rumors that Zach recently died. “I’m here at Scrubs shooting the new Scrubs title sequence which is a little bit like dying, so I guess that was semi-accurate. Also, I would never off myself with pills. If I had to do it, I would do it the way that everyone else would do it—by hitting myself with pots and pans.”

The star further blasted the blogger who originated the rumor, Chris Laganella, who has since removed the post.

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