Zac Efron Jealous Of Robert Pattinson?

Zac Efron just isn’t that into Robert Pattinson. The dashing young actors are arguably two of Young Hollywood’s “Prettiest Men,” but don’t expect a bromance to begin brewing between Twilight’s Edward Cullen and his High School Musical counterpart, Zac.

A flies on the wall spy that the sharply-dressed Efron was none too pleased when he arrived at this weekend’s MTV Movie Awards to fing gaggles of girls going gaga over Pattz, who Zac curtly refers to as “grungy” behind closed doors. The former Disney heartthrob can’t help but feel that his beefcake status has taken a beating since the Brit emerged on the scene.

“Zac couldn’t believe the amount of attention Robert got at the MTV Movie Awards,” a Hollywood informant blabs. “It was only yesterday that Zac was Hollywood’s golden boy, enjoying making young girls scream. That didn’t happen this year. All the girls wanted Robert and barely even noticed Zac. What makes matters worse is that Zac just doesn’t understand Robert’s appeal. He is everything Zac isn’t. Robert looks like a homeless person. And don’t get Zac started on Robert’s messy hair. Zac is defiantly on Team Taylor Lautner. At least he uses moisturizer.”

Guess its safe to assume they won’t be sharing makeup tips anytime soon!

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