You Haven’t Seen a Tricked Out Ride Until You See’s New Whip

Earlier this winter, dropped $900,000 to turn a 1958 Volkswagen Beetle into a car that mimics his retro and futuristic persona. Today we got our first good look at the Black Eyed Pea’s phunked up auto.

The car’s recrafting began in 2009, when Will brought the Beetle to Austin Weiss at The Garage in Stuart, Florida. Six week into his ride pimping, Will decided he would rather have something “crazy futuristic,” so Weiss tore up a supercharged LS3 from Extreme Performance and put a chassis in the front of the bug. The end result is exactly’s style: Over the top and completely impractical yet visually hypnotic.

Will’s fourth solo album, #willpower, will be released on March 26.

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