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You Can Own A List of John Lennon’s Schoolboy Indiscretions


Provided you’re a Beatles fan with deep pockets, you can now own a probably-not-comprehensive list of the misdeeds and misconduct that John Lennon got up to when he was a schoolboy in 1950s Liverpool. Talk about a report card going on your permanent record.

The lined sheet, which was apparently torn from a notebook, will be put up for auction by the auction house Sotheby’s, they announced today. The lined sheet contains a record of 29 total detentions imposed on Lennon between September 1955 and July 1956. Not bad — 29 detentions in two years? Seems pretty standard, right?

The lined sheet may not have existed at all had it not been for one attentive staff member in the 1970s, who rescued it from a bonfire when she realized its significance. It was at Quarry Bank High School in Liverpool that John Lennon went to school, and the same place where he obviously honed his penchant for rebelliousness that would become a famous characteristic of his as a member of the world’s most famous foursome.

15-year-old Lennon was, if this sheet is any indication, every bit as anti-establishment as the Beatle was.

Lennon was given detentions for everything from the vague charge “impertinence” to “not wearing school cap.”

Other noteworthy rule-breaking instances include not handing in homework (“no hwk”), talking too much in class (“talk after two warnings”), and basically laughing in the face of authority (“further talk”). But he was also written up and given detention for “silly conduct,” “groaning at me [teacher]”, “foolish remarks,” being “very late” and generally a “nuisance in class.”

That’s the John Lennon we all know and love. “Nuisance in class” was actually mentioned four times.

Similar documents have sold in the past for about $15,000 each, in online auctions. These documents showed that Lennon also had a penchant for “shoving,” “fighting,” “sabotage” and showing “just no interest whatsoever” in silly school.

He probably had more important things on his mind, like being a founding member of the world’s most talented and famous band. Things like that. (Although now I’m curious: what was John sabotaging?)

If you feel like pocketing this slice of history, the document will be on public exhibition at the London Sotheby’s from Sept, 24-28, and will be auctioned on Sept. 29. The estimated price falls somewhere between two and three thousand pounds, or $3,060-4,590.

Almost 5k just for telling us what we already knew: that John Lennon was born a badass.



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