Gillian Cooke Bobsled Wardrobe Malfunction


Gillian Cooke Moments Before Her Wardrobe Malfunction The Winter Olympics are only weeks away, and Gillian Cooke has already provided our first athlete gaffe for the first events, splitting her skintight warmup suit while warming up for an Olympic qualifying run at the World Bobsled Championships in Switzerland. Gillian’s team still managed to finish seventh…

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25 Crazy Pizzas


As the old saying goes, even a bad pizza is pretty good, just like sex. Unless there’s corn involved, all the way around that’s a pretty bad idea. (Holy Taco)

Roman Polanski Thinks Everyone Is A Pedophile

PopCrunch recently posted a list of celebrities who support Roman Polanski. In the process of doing our research for that post, we found the following quote from Roman Polanski where he effectively says that everyone is a pedophile. Moron. “If I had killed somebody, it wouldn’t have had so much appeal to the press, you…

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Germany Bans Sprite Oral Sex Ad


Screencap from banned Sprite commercial Germany has banned a Sprite television commercial, and it’s not tough to see why once you watch the clips. Part of me wonders if this is even a real ad that was meant to be shown on TV, but then again other countries have looser standards than the US so…

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