The WrestleMania 31 Set Is Being Constructed; Here’s A First Look

WrestleMania 31

WrestleMania 31 (WrestleMania Play) or “Smark Armageddon” will air live a week from Sunday, and in preparation for that event, the set for the show is being constructed.

While the stage still has to be built, several cranes and tarps were photographed by @JRomer:

At WrestleMania 28 there were palm trees and WrestleMania 29 featured skyscrapers. It will be interesting to see what structures are put in place as the stage build continues over the next few days.

Are you ready for WrestleMania 31 at Levi’s Stadium on March 29, 2015? What outdoor structures would you like to see in place for the big event?

TELL US: What match are you looking forward to at WrestleMania Play?

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