Is This the Worst Fail in “Family Feud” History?

Another week, another middle American making a fool of themselves on a nationally-syndicated game show.

Wheel of Fortune has seen two high-profile flubs (Does the phrase “A-chill-us Heel” ring any bells?) in the past month. The Family Feud franchise was built on side-splitting slips of tongue and answers so bizarre viewers can’t help but laugh out loud.

A recent airing of the long-running game show, however, saw one contestant fumble the ball so badly that fans are calling her gaffe the most epic fail in Feud’s nearly four decade history. Let’s just say this is not a good week to be PR executive (Oh, the irony!) Anna Sass.

After advancing to the Fast Money round, Anna got five chances to help her family win $20,000. Sounds easy, right? After all, family patriarch Tim Sass breezed through Round 1, amassing 182 points. Translation: Anna needed just 18 points to win 20Gs.

Host Steve Harvey is rarely at a loss for words, but even he was stumped by this outcome.

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