Some Guy On YouTube Invented A Working Iron Man Glove With Actual Lasers

Tony Stark Glove Replica

It looks like we may have a real-life Tony Stark on our hands. Some guy on YouTube has created an Iron Man glove that actually shoots lasers.

The video was created by YouTube user LaserGadgets and it features dual lasers and a setup that matches the look of the famous Iron Man glove.

Just like Tony Stark’s original glove, this bad boy is activated with the palm. It might not feature the type of destruction we have come to expect, but it’s a start.

If you just want to play around with the newly created glove, it also features a prop laser. Just make sure you don’t accidentally use the wrong one when fooling around with friends.

The crazy part? You can actually purchase a replica of this real-life Tony Stark glove should your heart desire.

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