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Women Wakes From Coma To Discover She Gave Birth


Sharista Giles

Sharista Giles was pregnant when she was involved in a horrific car accident that nearly claimed her life and the life of her child. Following the accident Giles was rushed to a local hospital, where doctors induced labor and delivered her premature son. The child weighed less than 2 pounds when he was born and his mother was in a coma for his arrival.

Sharista Giles was in such bad shape following the car accident that doctors put her chance of survival at less than 10 percent.

Little baby L, the name her son was given because she was not awake, was born very early, but he managed to pull through and is now doing amazing well, while weighing in at nearly six pounds at this time.

While doctors didn’t provide a very good outlook for the young mother, she eventually opened her eyes to a six-pound baby boy.

Sharista Giles in Coma Gives Birth to Son

Sharista recently began turning her neck and head and she has been able to blink and squeeze fingers when asked to do so.

The Giles family is looking for help to pay forSharista’s medical bills and they have setup a GoFundMe page to take care of her expensive care. $11,500 on a $15,000 goal has been raised.

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