Woman Dumps Cheating Boyfriend’s Apple Gear In Bathtub Full Of Water

Apple Products Destroyed after boyfriend cheated

If you are going to cheat on your significant other you should make sure they no longer have access to your stuff. Especially if that stuff includes thousands of dollars in Apple gear.

A Japanese woman has gone viral after she caught her boyfriend cheating and then dumped all of his Apple products in a bathtub full of water.

Not only did she submerge the Apple gear in a bunch of water, she also made sure soap was added to ensure the full destruction of his Apple hardware.

The destroyed Apple gear resonated with Twitter users who have since retweeted her picture 15,124 times while adding 9,812 favorites.

@foolishnessfly2’s tweet suggests that they destroyed at least 10 Apple products, including a pricey Macbook, an iMac, an iPad, an Apple TV, and an iPhone.

The next time you are thinking about cheating on your significant other, make sure you hide your Apple products. I suggest a nice Chromebook decoy, it’s a fraction of the cost and will cause a lot less heartache.

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