Woman Asks Teens To Be Quiet During ‘Furious 7’ And They Beat Her

Girl Attacked After Shooshing Teens DuringFurious 7 Screening

Police are currently searching for eight teenagers who beat a woman and broke her eye socket during a viewing of ‘Furious 7.’

The teens were being loud during the movie when the victim “shooshed” them. Pennsylvania woman Cindy Santamaria-Williams was at a screening of Furious 7 in the Poconos.

“They were very loud, rowdy. They were cursing a lot,” she told WNEP.

Cindy says she asked the teens to tone down the talking. When they wouldn’t comply she reported the rude behavior to a manager.

Following the movie, the eight teens met the Cindy in the movie theater’s parking lot and proceeded to attack her. One of the girls said to the group, “When one swings, we all swing.”

The victim was knocked to the ground and then repeatedly punched and kicked by her useless attackers. She was left with a black eye, a broken eye socket, and bruising in the attack.

Police are searching for the teens, including the two stupid girls shown above.

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