Willow Smith “Parents Just Don’t Understand” Remake?!

Smith vs. Smith! Will pint-sized pop tart Willow Smith remake the ’80s hit that made her father the first rap star to win a Grammy?

Willow Smith is hoping to cover her dad Will Smith’s classic hit “Parent’s Just Don’t Understand.”

The only kid cooler than Brangelina’s rainbow tribe tells Yahoo! Music tha covering her dad’s 1988 smash hit would be an awesome follow-up to her catchy-as-all-hell debut club banger, “Whip My Hair.”

“There’s a possibility that I will. It’s a really great song,” the tiny pop star revealed to the site this week.

Will’s original song nabbed a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance back in ’89. Can Willow do the same in ’11?

Just in case you’ve had it out of your head for more than 10 seconds, the year’s catchiest song is back in the news again. Nine-year-old amateur figure skater Starr Andrews has taken Willow’s hit single and put it on ice. In a video that has garnered more than 80,000 hits on YouTube, Andrews does her thing to a remix of Smith’s “Whip My Hair,” rocking out in a pair of Chuck Taylor skates and neon hair extensions.

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