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Will the New iPhone Get Rid of Its Audio Jack?


61Apple has a tendency to remove features from its popular products in an effort to remain ahead of the curve, in the name of innovation. But instead of making things easier for the people who buy their wildly popular technology, oftentimes, things get more complicated. (The new Macbook comes with only one port, and it needs an adapter to work with USB, for example.)

If the reports are true, then the new iPhone is getting slimmer by removing one pretty important piece of hardware: the audio headphones jack. You know—the thing we all use on a pretty daily basis.

MacOtakara claims that the iPhone will replace the audio port with a Lightning port for audio instead. Even though Lightning technology may provide better-sounding audio and the ability to launch apps through the headset, there’s no doubt that the drastic shift would cause headaches in most iPhone users. If there’s only the Lightning port, you’d have to use an adapter to continue using your traditional headphones, or else go completely Bluetooth.


The move seems characteristic for Apple, but some are skeptical, noting the source. MacOtakara isn’t known for its very-accurate reports, so hopefully, this news stays firmly in the realm of “rumor.” No doubt there will come a time when wires are a thing of the distant past, but the vast majority of casual iPhone users are still very much plugged in. Making a drastic change could alienate the userbase and prove too futuristic. Apple is always looking ahead, but hopefully, their plans take a few years to germinate. After all, I still use an AUX cable in my car.

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