Will and Jada Have “No Issue” With Willow Smith’s Sexy Pic with 20-Year-Old

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith weren’t kidding when they described their “progressive” approach to parenting.

One-half of the entertainment power couple is speaking out about a questionable snapshot making the ’rounds online. The image features Will and Jada’s 13-year-old daughter, singer Willow Smith, lounging comfortably on a bed with former Hannah Montana actor Moises Arias. Arias is shirtless in the snap. Oh — he’s also 20.

Insiders claim Will and Jada believe their middle schooler is mature beyond her years. Mature enough to make her own decisions. So, if she decides to pose in bed with a barely-clad man, Mom and Dad are all for it. Provided things don’t cross the line, of course. (Insert eye-rolling here…)

Jada, in fact, has a message for everyone in an uproar over the Instagram photo of Willow and Moises in bed together. Here’s what she had to say when paparazzi tracked her down at Los Angeles International Airport last Wednesday:

“Here’s the deal. There was nothing sexual about that picture or that situation. You guys are projecting your trash on it. And you’re acting like covert pedophiles. And that’s not cool.”

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