Will Ferrell “Most Overpaid Star In Hollywood”

Will Ferrell is all bang no buck. The funnyman has topped Forbes Magazine’s annual list of the “Most Overpaid Stars In Hollywood.”
Will Ferrell Hollywoods Most Overpaid Star
According to Forbes, for every dollar Will made, his films brought in roughly $3.29. The comedian — who was once box office gold, starring in a series of hit films including Elf and Talladega Nights — has recently taken a dive with a series of big screen stinkers, including Semi-Pro and Land of the Lost.

Ewan McGregor landed in second place. His recent films have also under-performed at the box office, earning an average of $3.75 per each dollar the actor was paid.

Here’s how the Top 10 rounded out:

1.) Will Ferrell

2.) Ewan McGregor

3.)Billy Bob Thornton

4.) Eddie Murphy

5.) Ice Cube

6.) Tom Cruise

7.) Drew Barrymore

8.) Leonardo DiCaprio

9.) Samuel L. Jackson

10.) Jim Carrey

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