Will Ferrell Dresses Up As Little Debbie In Hilarious Bit On Jimmy Fallon [Watch]

Will Ferrell never seems to disappoint his fans when it comes to film or even the occasional late night talk show appearance. He has been all over recently after appearing at spring training and has a new movie out soon.

With his new comedy Get Hard out in just over a week, you may think that he was on Jimmy Fallon to promote it, but he did what might be considered the opposite of that.

The comedic genius behind fan favorite films such as Elf and Anchorman took the time to come out in disguise as Little Debbie, asserting that he is the new face of the sweet company. He came out in the elaborate costume wearing the wig, of course, paired with the old fashioned dress and straw hat, which got plenty of attention as soon as he walked out on the stage.

Will Ferrell’s absurd antics got the attention of Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon immediately, and he could not stop laughing. Fallon asked him what was up with the costume, but being the comedy legend that he is, he did not break character for a second, saying that he has to wear the dress because he is new face of Little Debbie snack cakes.

Jimmy Fallon and his guests always seem to have a ton of fun with each other with several skits that have featured multiple celebrities at a time including Lip Sync Battles and Catch Phrase, but this has to be one of the best clips that you will find from his show.

Through the different sketches and games and his fun guests, he has been relating to younger people like no late night talk show host before him since the show debuted last year.

Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon are both alums of Saturday Night Live and are no strangers to the world of comedy. They continue to bring the best out of each other and after this last appearance, fans will surely need to see Ferrell back again soon.

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