Will Emma Roberts Star in “Pretty Woman” Remake?

From Nancy Drew to the gritty streets of Hollywood Blvd?

If Emma Roberts has her way!

The bubbly starlet is reportedly considering stepping into the thigh-high boots originally worn by Aunt Julia Roberts in a bid to play Vivian — a streetwalker with a heart of gold — in a remake of the 1990 Richard Gere-assisted hit Pretty Woman.

The film remains the most commercially successful romantic comedy of all-time, grossing $463 million worldwide. Insiders say that Emma has been pitching the idea to producers, trying desperately to star in the famous role. And she certainly has her reasons, as one informant reveals to RadarOnline.com:

“Emma’s dream is to re-create Pretty Woman, it’s her ideal role. She’s been in talks with producers about the possibility of revisiting the character Julia made famous in a reboot of the original film. Emma grew up loving Pretty Woman. It had sentimental meaning for her because her aunt was in it and she can quote chunks of the movie off by heart. Critically and commercially it was a big success too, Julia was up for awards and Emma wants to be just as successful.”

Emma, of course, isn’t the first starlet with aspirations of channeling film’s most famous hooker. Miley Cyrus and Jessica Simpson were both rumored to be interested in appearing in a proposed Pretty Woman reboot.

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