“Wife Swap” Star Alicia Guastaferro Suing ABC For $100 Million

A former teen beauty queen who appeared on the ABC reality comedy Wife Swap more than two years ago has filed a $100 million lawsuit against the network, which she accuses of ruining her life by inaccurately portraying her as a spoiled brat.

Guastaferro, 18, says she regularly suffers panic attacks and has suicidal tendencies because of her appearance on the show, which temporarily dispatches mothers to surrogate families.

The suit –filed in Manhattan on Monday — claims producers ordered Guastaferro to “act a little more spoiled” and accuses ABC and parent company Walt Disney of staging scenes to “maximize [Guastaferro’s] public embarrassment.”

The former Little Miss Buffalo said she was instructed to pretend to get a “Christmas present” and to repeat such lines like “I am the most popular girl in school” and “I do feel sorry for people that are not gorgeous people”during her appearance on the show.

According to Alicia, her poor behavior on the show made her the object of ridicule among her peers, forcing the one-time spitfire to transfer schools to escape the abuse. Guastaferro claims she has gotten death threats, been assaulted, and went from the honor roll to special ed after the show aired.

“For their own profit, defendants purposefully, intentionally and knowingly caused severe emotional and psychological harm to a fragile 15-year-old,” the suit reads.

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