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Why I have a crush on Jay McCarroll


You may not recognize the name.
He’s that flamboyant, pink tuke wearing designer, and winner of Bravo’s ‘Project Runway’ last season. Okay, so maybe you didn’t watch that…
All I have to say to that is, ‘Either you’re in or your out.’
(Little Heidi Klum reference there for ya).

In any case, you should have watched it because it was exciting to see the new (and sometimes downright boring – I’m looking at you Wendy Pepper) designs of the contestants. But more than that, it was really good reality TV. It’s one of he few reality shows out there where people actually have to have a skill and a career path besides reality TV. Besides that, however, it was the same closet-talking back-stabbing shit you see everywhere else.
Except for Jay.

He was seriously the only person on that show that would say the same thing to a person’s face as he did to the camera. And the stuff he said wasn’t just catty – it was his honest opinion. Maybe they cut out his catty stuff, but I dug his candor. Also his designs were the most original, the most edgy, and the most different than anything today on the runway. Which, I guess, is why he won.

And which, I guess, they’ve given him his own show on Bravo called, creatively, ‘Project Jay.’ They haven’t announced when it will air – probably next year sometime – but I’m STOKED about it. I’m excited to see what Jay will do with his prizes: representation with an agency, a spread in Elle, mentorship from Banana Republic, and $100K to start his own line. I’m STOKED.


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