Why Affairs Don’t Last

Cheating happens a lot more than you’d probably like to think. While most people would say that would end their marriage, the fact is that it doesn’t always. Things go wrong in every marriage, and even an affair can be overcome.

Over forty percent of couples say their marriage has been infected by at least 1 infidelity, even though 84% of people consider affairs to be immoral. There are a lot of reasons reported for infidelity: boredom, being out of town, running into an old flame, and having a higher than normal sex drive are among the top reasons given. There are powerful brain chemicals at work convincing a cheating partner of their happiness, but affairs usually last no longer than 6 months.

If you want to stay married, there are a few things you should not do. Don’t snoop, don’t be nasty, and don’t cut out before you’ve had a chance to reconcile. Work to maintain trust. Be so kind they don’t feel justified in cheating. Treat your cheating spouse the way you want to be treated.

Once the affair is over, you can work to rebuild your relationship. It may even be stronger than it was before. Learn more from this infographic!

The Anatomy of an Affair. Why don't they last?
Source: MarriageMax.com

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