Who’s Got Game?


The gaming industry has emerged as one of the top entertainment markets in the world. Consumers are pouring their cash into video games, computer games and consoles. Nearly half of all gamers feel the games they play give them a better value than other forms of entertainment. This sentiment is reflected in the spending habits of gamers.

In 2012, gamers parted with over 20 billion dollars for games and equipment. This is not surprising considering that over half of the US population owns at least one game console. The gaming population is split fairly evenly among age groups with an average age of 30. Gamers 36 and older account for slightly more of the gaming population than younger age groups.

The most popular games are first person shooters and sports games. Call of Duty was the top selling game in 2012 , followed closely by Madden NFL13. Of the top ten games in 2012, only three did not fall into these two categories. Assassin’s Creed III, Just Dance 4 and Lego Batman 2 were the games among the top ten that were not sports related or a first person shooter. Halo 4, NBA 2K13, Borderlands 2 and FIFA Soccer 13 hold the other spots on the top ten list.

Just five companies were responsible for producing every top ten game on the market. These five gaming companies all gross over one billion dollars a year. Microsoft Studios, the publisher of Halo, made an astonishing 18 billion dollars in 2012. Many of these sales were due to the popularity of their Xbox 360 gaming console. Activison, the company responsible for Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk, took second place in terms of revenue making only 4.8 billion dollars. EA, the publisher behind Madden NFL and The Sims, made about 4 billion dollars in 2012. Ubisoft and Sony Computer Entertainment both made less than 2 billion dollars.

Games' Big Hitters
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