Who will play Finnick? Catching Fire ignites casting rumors

Word on the street is the three top known-candidates for the role of the hunky Finnick for the next installment of The Hunger Games trilogy are….

Friday Night Lights star, Taylor Kitsch, Armie Hammer and the adorable Garrett Hedlund. But now, rumor has it that Lionsgate may cast a complete unknown for the role, hoping to keep the peace on set. Twilight star, Robert Pattison addressed rumors in USAToday, saying that he had not been contacted for the part.

Lionsgate issued a statement saying they would not confirm or deny rumors but that announcements will be made, once details are finalized. Insiders are saying that readings for the part include the scene when Finnick first meets Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and when he hears Annie’s screams. Casting should be done within the next few weeks.

Who do you want to play Finnick?

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