What’s Your Shakira Sensuality ?

What’s Your Shakira Sensuality?

Shakira’s sensuous dance moves and eclectic musical influences has been a global phenomenon selling over 70 million albums! Come with us on a journey into the varied world of Shakira’s music to find out which of her musical styles suit your sensuality. You know our tips don’t lie!

The self-titled album Shakira!

You’re confident and polished in your sensuality, in fact we can detect a rebellious edge to your seductive moves. Shakira’s guitar driven latest album is a perfect catalyst to your sensual side. Those who stay in the mainstream might consider her duet with Rhianna to be a highlight, but you have wider tastes that enjoy mixing pop and ballads with just a touch of indie rock! 

Sale el Sole!

Your sunny and seductive nature is perfectly pitched to the rock and latin dance flavour of Sale el Sole (The Sun Comes Out). You may not have listened to a Spanish album before, but we know you’ll soon slip into the groove. Your sensuality will enjoy gear changes from the ultra sexy Rabiaso, the cheeky Loca to the world-conquering, foot tapping Waka Waka not to mention a few soothing ballads! 

She Wolf!

No doubt your seduction targets howl with anticipation when you hit them with your dance floor moves and , dare we say it? Your darker side! Whether your prefer to make your sensual moves under a full moon or in bright sunshine we know that you are at your best when throwing caution to the winds. And this dance driven album provides a foot-tapping beat that no-one can resist!

The Oral Fixation albums!

You’re obviously someone who likes to experiment with their sensuality as shown by your match with this pair of Oral Fixation albums. Others may be daunted by one album being in Spanish and the other in English but not you. Trying new things appeals to you, especially when the best-selling song of the 21st century (Hips don’t lie) came from these albums. 

Laundry Service!

On the surface you may seem like a fresh face interested in clean living, but we know your hidden seductive side can emerge whenever or wherever it is needed. Let others show off by belly-dancing their hips about on top of a cliff, we know that your seduction packs a punch. Anyone who can mix pan pipes with Far Eastern influences and still be achingly cool is a hit in our book! 

Shakira’s early albums!

The Shakira phenomenon began with the Estan Los Ladrones and Pies Descalzos albums, back when she had black hair. Perhaps you like to know your roots or hunt out the source of inspiration, but we know you’re not bothered if the collars don’t match the cuffs. Her early music oozes a sensuous mix of Arab, Latin and Spanish references, a delightfully complex mixture of the old and the new, just like you!

What’s the second best thing to come out of Columbia?



Gabriel García Márquez


You would rather have Shakira’s:




What type of nude art do you prefer?





We know that hips don’t lie. What would yours tell us about you?

Dangerous curves

Strong powerhouse

I’m an ideal mother

Walk this way and I’ll show you

You are most likely to listen to Shakira while:





If you weren’t listening to Shakira you’d prefer to listen to:

Lady Gaga

Taylor Swift

Katy Perry

Florence and the Machine

Other people would be more likely to describe you as:



You think you’d be more sensual if you were:



More relaxed

More confident

Which dead pop icon would you like Shakira to duet with?

Elvis Presley

Michael Jackson

Kurt Cobain

Jim Morrison

What would Shakira most like about you?

My sense of humour

My compassion

My adventurous nature

My smile

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