What Happened To Penny Hardaway ?



Penny Hardaway was easily one of the talented basketball players in an era where everyone was worried who would fill the shoes of the great Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird. In fact Penny Hardaway might have been as talented as Michael Jordan, but things just didnt work out.

Penny Hardaway became plagued by chronic knee injuries that ended his career too early. He earned over $120 million over his career but fell far short of his dreams and aspirations.

But instead of taking a job with a sports network, or becoming the next Steve Kerr, Avery Johnson, or Doc Rivers. Instead he returned home to his family, and friends in Memphis where he did something greater than most former sports stars could ever imagine.

It truly brought tears to my eyes, watch and find out why.

David Paul Krug
David Paul Krug is the founder of PopCrunch, and currently serves as its General Manager. He has 15 years of experience running high traffic websites, and he is a movie addict, and loves independent music, sports, boxing, and UFC.

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