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Wet-Fold Origami Takes The Art To A Whole New Amazing Level


Wet Form Origami Fox - Featured Image

The art of Origami is best known for its sharp and highly precise folds. Origami artist Hoang Tien Quyet‘s wet origami form is different. He focuses on “wet-folding” his creations to avoid the rigidity typically used in the practice. His work allows animals and other objects to display curves in place of sharp lines.

Using the wet form Origami technique, the Vietnam-based Quyet creates animals who tilt their heads, and even prepare for flight.  their heads tilted and wings ready for flight.

Wet-folding Origami was created by origami master Akira Yoshizawa, and involves dampening the paper so it easily accepts folds. The technique provides artists with the ability to create more realistic looking objects. The web pieces eventual dry into hardened forms, which allow them to withstand the test of time.

To create wet-fold Origami, artists must use a thicker form of paper to avoid tearing.

Quyet has co-authored two books, “50 hours Origami +” and “VOG2 – origami.vn,” both published by Passion Origami.

Amazing Wet Form Origami Wet Fold Origami Rabbit Wet Fold Origami Rooster Wet Form Origami Animals Wet Form Origami Birds Wet Form Origami Bull Wet Form Origami Fox Wet Form Origami Horse Wet Form Origami Rat Wet Form Origami Takes Flight

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