Weird Al Yankovic Parodies Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” In “Perform This Way” VIDEO

Lady Gaga’s reached a pivotal pinnacle in her maturity as a pop goddess: Parody Time! In the Music World, you’re nobody ’till Weird Al Yankovic makes fun of, and the legendary comedian have does just that in the video for his new single, “Perform This Way.” It took a biting blog and some tooth-pulling with Mother Monster’s managers, but it looks like Al — who has paid humorous homage to Michael Jackson and The Greg Kihn Band with his hilarious covers — finally got the OK to superimpose his head on a drag queen’s body for the spoof of Gaga’s international charttopping single “Born This Way.”

The side-splitting tune appears on Weird Al’s new album, Apocalypse, dropping this week. Keep an eye out for the “Madonna” cameo!

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