“We Built This City” Takes Top Dishonors As Rolling Stone Names Worst Songs Of The ’80s

Starship’s 1985 hit, “We Built This City,” was the worst song released during the decade of decadence, big hair, and blue eyeshadow.

That’s according to Rolling Stone.

The music mag invited readers to pick the Top 10 ’80s songs that still leave them reaching for the dial, and “We Built This City” was the big winner (Er, or loser, depending on who’s telling the story.) Apparently people really hate this song because it was also topped Blender’s “Most Awesomely Bad Songs Ever” poll back 2004.

Coming in second place in the Rolling Stone poll is the rock anthem, “The Final Countdown” by Europe. Obviously, Gob from Arrested Development did not vote in this poll since he deemed the song worthy enough to use for his magic acts!

At No. 3 is the 1986 ballad “Lady in Red” — the lead single from the Gene Wilder comedy of the same name. It was recorded by Chris de Burgh. Who, you ask? Exactly. British duo Wham! occupies the fourth spot with their infectious hit, “Wake Me Up (Before you Go Go)”

Surely “Pop Goes the World” was worse, no?

To see the complete list and have fun fighting amongst your friends, visit RollingStone.com

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