Water-Activated Artwork And Games Are Hidden On Seattle’s Sidewalks

If there is one thing that Seattle is more known for than Starbucks and Kurt Cobain, it’s the cities rainfall. If you visit the city there is a very good chance you will experience a day or two of dreary and wet weather. It’s that weather that makes the city perfect for a set of water-activated interactive pieces of art, illustration, hidden messages, and even games.

TitledRainworks is a set of water-activated pieces created by Seattle-based artist Peregrine Church. The pieces started popping up in 2014, and they continue to appear all over the city. The artwork is created with an environmentally safe, water-repellant coating that lasts anywhere from 4 months to a year.

Some of the art features interactive games.

Cool Interactive Water Art in Seattle

Some of the water-activated pieces are just cool to view.

Water Activated Art in Seattle

There are even some messages created by the art.

Water Activated Art

You can view Peregrine Church’s work in his YouTube video.

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