Watching Out for Those Who Watch Over Us

“I’ve got your 6.” A phrase that soldiers need to hear from others around them, “got your 6” refers to a soldier letting another know he’s watching his back, protecting him from that which he cannot see. Who wouldn’t want to know that someone has your back, no matter what? For a soldier used to hearing that from his brothers-in-arms, one can only imagine that upon returning to the country for which he’d fought to defend he’d want to hear that from the very citizens for whom he risked his life. But does that happen? Do citizens have the backs of their fighting forces? Until now, the answer was a resounding no.

One of the most thankless jobs in America is that of the US military. Day in and day out, they are called upon to go into battle and protect the citizens of the USA and secure the freedoms we enjoy. Yet, upon their return, they receive not a hero’s welcome but a life filled with need and neglect. Who’s watching out for those who watch over us? The new answer to that question lies with the “Got Your 6” campaign, founded to provide veterans who’ve served their country with job opportunities, healthcare, housing – all the basic needs that we citizens take for granted while we expect them to take the bullets we don’t want to take. Even celebrities recognize the necessity of such a move and lend their voice and support to “Got Your 6”.

Visit Got Your 6 to learn how you can protect those who’ve protected you and your freedom.

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