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Watch What Happens When Disney Characters Infiltrate the ‘Star Wars’ Universe [WATCH]



In case you haven’t yet heard, the Star Wars franchise is now out of the hands of the original creator George Lucas (much to most people’s relief), and firmly ensconced in the capable hands of Disney. So, technically, Star Wars is now a Disney movie.

Interest in Star Wars is brewing steadily due to Episode VII: The Force Awakens set for release this December, and Force Friday just behind us. We’re playing with our new droid toys, counting down the days until we can see the new film (which looks amazing in trailers) and sure—making a few fun mashups.

Since Star Wars is now Disney, Youtuber PistolShrimps decided to combine the two, editing the new Star Wars trailer with footage from animated Disney films we’re still obsessed with, like The Lion King, Aladdin, and Pinocchio.

The result is a fun, impressive, and hysterical two and a half minutes that imagine Simba running across the Tatooine desert, Darth Vader reimagined with Mufasa’s voice, and Captain Hook with a glowing tri-saber made of hooks. But you’ll laugh out loud when you see Dumbo as a fighter ship, taking off to get into a deep space battle!

Watch the entire video here:

Personally, as a lifelong fan of both Star Wars and classic animated Disney, this video gave me chills—something about hearing John Williams’ score mashed up with “A Whole New World” is nothing short of magic. The Force is strong with this Youtuber!

Lisa Lo Paro
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