Watch Nancy Grace And 2 Chainz Debate Over Legalization Of Marijuana

We have Nancy Grace in one corner against the legalization of marijuana and rapper 2 Chainz in the other corner, whom we all know is definitely for marijuana’s legalization.

This is one of those arguments that I think will forever be a debate, because you have people like Nancy Grace who show you videos of parents giving there kids marijuana and saying this type of behavior will be more prevalent if marijuana is more accessible. Kids are just gonna be walking in on their parents and their friends smoking and be high all the time.

Then you have 2 Chainz who smokes quite a bit, but argues that he would never let his kids get anywhere near his pot smoking. It all comes down to good parenting and smart people. Also he brings up how it will empty our jails from all those convicted of owning or illegally dealing the drug.

Enough about the marijuana debate. What gets me is Nancy’s not-so-subtle racism. She is in utter shock that 2 Chainz had a 4.0 GPA at Alabama State University, and even went there on a basketball scholarship. Why the shocked look? Is it because he’s a rapper singing about smoking pot and p***y or because he’s black?

Anyways, the debate is somewhat educational and worth the watch.

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