Watch Germany vs. Spain Semi-Final Live Broadcast Online [FIFA World Cup]

The World Cup football semi-finals have already brought us 5 incredible goals when Netherlands punished Uruguay with a 3-2 victory.

While Spain haven’t been exceptional goal scorers this year, despite being regarded as favorites before the World Cup began, Germany have consistently pounded in goal after goal in most of their matches.

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There will be a surplus of attacking skill in this Germany-Spain semi-final. Germany’s Klose is oh-so close to exceeding the all time record for number of goals scored in a World Cup. It is currently held by Brazil’s Ronaldo who has a record of 15 goals. Just 2 more goals from Klose and he will be the new record holder.

Germany’s other successful striker, Mueller, is suspended from this game, to the relief of the Spanish side.

While Spain have not had the striking power expected from them, they have moved through the World Cup with meticulous passing and a good defense. However, Spain will need goal scoring power here if they wish to take on Germany, and all eyes will be on Fernando Torres who has underperformed so far in this World Cup.

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