Watch as Bristol Palin Damned Near Gets in a Bar Fight [VIDEO]

Well that was classy.

While at a West Hollywood bar with the ever-present paparazzi cameras rolling, someone yelled out some nasty things about Bristol Palin’s mother — and that’s when the gloves came off.

After Bristol took a turn on the mechanical bull, you can clearly hear someone in the crowd shout, “Is that how you rode Levi?” and “Your mother’s a whore!”

Now, in fairness, the guy was being a douche — no matter how you feel about Sarah Palin (and I’m far from a fan), you don’t trash someone’s mama. But Bristol really needs to develop a thicker skin.

Gawker has some of the rest of the exchange:

Man: She [your mother] is evil.
Bristol: You want her dead?
Man: You know what, if there is a hell, and I don’t think there is one, she will be there.
Bristol: OK, why is that?
Man: She’s evil. She’s evil.
Bristol: Is it because you’re a homosexual?
Man: [ironic tone] Pretty much!
Bristol: And that’s why you hate her?
Man: And why do you say I’m a homosexual?
Bristol: Because I can tell you are.

There’s more. The language in the video is decidedly NSFW, but you can see she almost comes to blows with the guy.


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