Was Lindsay Lohan Evicted? Depends Who You Ask

LiLo evicted? Lindsay Lohan was reportedly tossed out of from her Beverly Hills bachelorette pad after struggling to pick up the $8,000 a month rent tab.

While Fox News snoops insists Lindsay simply gave up the mansion in favor of returning to her native New York, squeals tell HollyScoop that Lohan picked up and moved after her drowning $200,000-plus debt to the IRS and dwindling finances made staying in the spacious estate impossible.

“I went house hunting in Beverly Hills and the realtor told me that she was shown a house and the realtor said that it was Lindsay’s last home. She had just recently left because she could no longer afford it.”

The property is the same one that was given a $200,000 makeover as part of the Bravo series Million Dollar Decorators. Once the renovations were completed, however, Lindsay allegedly stopped communicating with the show’s producers. The episode is scheduled to premiere next week.

Lohan is currently in London, where she is rumored to be appearing on the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother.

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