Do We Want to See Rebel Wilson in “Private Benjamin” Remake?

Filing this under “Things We Could Go Our Entire Lives Without Seeing…” Whether or not we actually need a remake of Goldie Hawn’s 1980 comedy Private Benjamin is still up for debate — but we’re getting one anyway.

Rebel Wilson has been cast in a remake of the movie that originally starred Hawn as Judy Benjamin, a well-off woman duped into joining the Army after the death of her husband. Goldie, along with co-star Eileen Brennan, nabbed an Oscar nomination for the box office smash — which also received a hat-tip for Best Original Screenplay. The flick earned a whooping $70 million at the international box office (and that’s in ’80s money) and even spawned a short-lived television spinoff.

Wilson, 28, wowed comedy fans in Pitch Perfect and appeared in ABC’s recently-axed sitcom Super Fun Night. The new Private Benjamin will see Australia’s darling as a modern-day “redneck” who joins the Marines along with her well-bred bestie.

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Hollywood has had its eye on revamping this cinema classic for years. In 2009, gossip columnist Shelby Loosch claimed that Hawn had been shopping a script for a Private Benjamin remake starring her equally famous daughter, actress Kate Hudson. Anna Faris was linked to the role a couple of years later.

Mark Gordon has signed on to produce the feature for New Line. The hunt is on for a director.