You Want Crazy, Taylor Swift Will Show You Crazy In Her “Blank Space” Music Video.

“Cause Darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.”

You want crazy, Taylor will show you crazy.

Taylor Swift is at it again, poking fun of herself in her new “Blank Space” music video. She originally did the comical self-parody thing in her “Shake It Off” video when she played an uncool kid with zero dance moves.

In this “Blank Space” video Swift goes along with the rumors that she is a crazy girlfriend and becomes the craziest of them all.

“Blank Space” directed by Joseph Kahn, was beautifully filmed in a gaudy mansion where Swift calls home. Over the course of a day you see Swifts mood swings and the highs and lows of her romantic relationship with a pretty good looking guy. In the beginning everything is all good and wonderful and then Swift catches her man texting another woman during a nice picnic together and all hell breaks lose.

The fight becomes very dramatic, Swift cuts holes in her man’s suits and then sets them on fire, takes a golf club to his car, slashes the portrait of him she painted, tries to poison him with a red apple, and stabs a heart-shaped cake with red liquid exploiting out.

Then of course when the rage in her eyes has subsided and the guy disappears, she finds another bad boy ” to make good for the weekend.”


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