Waiter Offered $25,000 And Acting Career To Date Britney Spears

Britney Spears is so desperate for a man that she offered Mike Marchand, the twenty-nine year old waiter/aspiring actor to whom she was romantically linked last week, $25,000 to be her new BF. He turned her down, but the singer is hoping she can move her way into the waiter’s good graces with cold hard cash….and a little bit of stalking.

According to The National Enquirer:

“Britney met Mike at a restaurant a couple of weeks ago and she immediately put on a full-court press to get him to go out with her,” a snitch blabbed to the tab. “Britney’s in Mirabelle’s all the time now keeping tabs on Mike’s every move.”

“At one point, she told Mike she’d pay him $25,000 and give him a part in her new video if he’d start dating her. But the whole thing is stressing him out. He can’t stand how she watches his every move.”

“Mike said Britney gave him a dedicated cell phone and she texts him constantly.”

“I think he’s stringing her along, and the odds are this guy will end up using her and she’ll only get hurt again.”

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