Wahlberg Family Reality Show Headed to A&E

The famous Wahlberg brothers — Mark, Donnie and Paul — will reportedly showcase their Beantown burger joint, aptly-titled Wahlburgers, on an A&E reality TV show. Donnie made the formal announcement on Monday night’s edition of The Arsenio Hall Show.

Wahlburgers will premiere Jan. 22, 2014 on A&E. The docu-series will revolve around the family’s restaurant located just outside their native Boston.

Donnie and Mark are part owners of the establishment, while their brother Paul is the executive chef. Wahlberg matriarch Alma Elaine also works there. Donnie shared with Arsenio:

“My brother Mark and I, my mom and my brother Paul will all be on the show. It’s incredible. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

Donnie also has his hands in TV’s Boston’s Finest, a Cops-esque reality show about the men and women of the Boston Police Department.

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