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Volunteer Firefighter Kills Dogs…Then Facebook’s it?


A volunteer firefighter in Texas has been forced to resign Wednesday after killing two dogs and ruthlessly bragging about it on Facebook by posting a photo of the dead dogs on Facebook. Tim Conatser claims he killed the black and yellow Labradors after telling his neighbor, who was the owner of the dogs, to keep the dogs away from his livestock.

Conatser’s post showed a picture of the two dogs lying in the snow with a caption that read, “Somebody didn’t put any truth my warning. Keep your damn dogs on your property.”

The brutal incident has obviously enraged animal lovers around the world.   The owner of the dead dogs has come forward and has denied that Conatser had ever approached him with any complains about the dogs getting into his livestock.

“I’m in shock. I don’t know. I don’t understand these people. Bad people, I don’t know,” Pulido Rodrigo said to Fox 4. Rodrigo said that he found out about the killing of his dogs through social media. Outraged over Conatser’s actions have been pouring into the small Union Volunteer Fire Department in Royce City from all over the U.S. and as far away as Western Europe, they have even received death threats.

According to Texas state law, in order for a person to be able to legally shoot a dog, there must be a reasonable threat to someone or livestock. A criminal investigation in Hunts County Texas has been launched to determine if what Conatser allegedly did constitutes animal cruelty.

Michelle Hinojosa
Michelle Hinojosa writes and reports media for Popcrunch and is an active member in the LBGT community. She is a graduate of Washington State University with degree's in Social Services, English, History and Psychology.

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