Jerry O’Connell Lampoons Charlie Sheen

With Charlie Sheen skipping towards Gomorrah and “winning” his way to face-to-face meeting with the inside of a psych ward, it looks like producers of CBS’ Two and A Half Men are on the hunt for a new man to take over the role of hedonistic jungle writer Charlie Harper.

Rapper Rhymes 120 Film Titles In Hit Viral VIDEO

Hot on the Web Now: Big Apple rapper T. Shirt (Real Clever, Dude…) is wowing online audiences with “24 Frames (Movie Night),” a viral video that features him incorporating 120 film titles into a rhyme during a one-take video that takes viewers through two floors of a local movie theater. Talk about alphabetical slaughter! (Thanks…

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Lindsay Lohan Jimmy Kimmel Post-Oscars Special Spoof Cameo

Jail-bound Lindsay Lohan laughed off her latest legal woes during a surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Post-Oscars special, which aired on ABC on Sunday night. Never one to shy away from poking fun at the mess that has become her life (Remember her skit with Chelsea Handler at last summer’s MTV VMAs?), LiLo joined…

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Five-Year-Old Shares Marriage-Work Rules In Hit Viral VIDEO

A young girl is quickly becoming a viral sensation after her older sister uploaded a video of her talking about work ethics and marriage to the Web this week. In this hilarious YouTube video, the wise-beyond-her-years five-year-old has no reservations about how she’s pictured her life leading up to marriage. “If a man comes asking…

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MTV “Skins” PG-Version [A Parody]

It’s infuriated everyone from corporate sponsors to media watchdog groups, now see what television’s new most controversial series would look like if it were targeted toward 10-year-olds! Hey, don’t count it out just yet. There’s a thriving market for it this kind of concent over at Nickelodeon!

Maria Aragon, Gaga-Covering YouTuber, On “Ellen”

Maria Aragon, Lady Gaga’s Littlest “Little Monster” from Winnipeg, Canada has become an overnight success since a video of her covering “Born This Way” went viral on YouTube last week. The young pianist’s vid has already been viewed more than 11 million times on the video sharing website since it was posted Feb. 16! On…

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Baby Trashes Bar “Las Palmas” Scene

This hilarious scene from the new movie Las Palmas is quickly going viral. The clip is featured in the short movie by Johannes Nyholm and features a baby knocking back a few drinks before wrecking havoc on a local bar. The sneak peek is creating buzz about the whole film, which will premiere at the…

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Darth Vader James Earl Jones Covers Justin Bieber

Of all the cover versions floating around of Justin Bieber (and there are alot) the Darth Vader version is the one to beat. James Earl Jones, the booming voice behind the Star Wars villain, appeared on The Gayle King Show last week, and after pretending to have no clue who The Biebs is proceeded to…

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Boy In Drag Dancing To Christina Aguilera “Burlesque” [VIDEO]

We guess you’re never too young to start tapping into your inner lady boy! Watch as this top hat-wearing tyke shows off campy stage theatrics that would give Liza Minnelli a run for her man to the soundtrack of Christina Aguilera’s “Burlesque.”

Joe Jonas Destroys Valentine’s Day! [A Parody]

For the Average Joe, giving your girlfriend Joe Jonas for Valentine’s Day, would be better than a diamond sparkler and a box of Godiva chocolates, but that’s not exactly how the scenerio plays out in this sidesplitting new holiday parody from

Rapping Selena Gomez Covers Nicki Minaj

Mrs. Bieber’s a Barbie: For a petite girl from Southern Texas, Selena Gomez sure does a mean impersonation of Big Apple-bred Pink Friday femcee Nicki Minaj. Watch as the Wizards of Waverly Place actress touts her hip hop skills, effortlessly spitting out spirited verses from Minaj’s “Super Bass” in this viral video that’s amassed nearly…

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Leighton Meester Says: “Don’t Touch My $h!t!”

Language NSFW…. Don’t be fooled by the sweet face and impeccable sense of style: Gossip Girl Leighton Meester makes bunny-boiling look like child’s play as the Glen Close to Minka Kelly’s Michael Douglas in the new box office thriller, The Roommate. Ahead of the film’s debut in theaters this Super Bowl Weekend, Meester shows off…

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Ashton Kutcher Scout Willis “Sober Me” Duet

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Park it, Rumer: Scout is our new favorite Willis sister! The 19-year-old celebuspawk of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis appears in a totally cute video with her stepdad Ashton Kutcher singing “Sober Me” — “a little song about a loved one” that the pair wrote together. By his own admission Ashton is a pretty crappy…

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