Vinny’s “GTL” Days Done On “Jersey Shore”

S.O.S. in Seaside Heights! Thongs flew at half-staff all over the Garden State last weekend, as the Reality World reacted to news that “educated guido” Vinny Guadagnino’s fist-pumping days on MTV’s Jersey Shore are unofficially ovah.

Let’s dish!

We hear the former law student and aspiring actor, who has been been filming Season 5 of the vodka-soaked reality soap back in the gang’s old stomping ground of Seaside Heights, N.J., packed up and left the show for good last week after duking it with a castmate. Vinny reportedly stormed out of the house last week after an altercation, but was convinced by his co-stars to return. According to Us Weekly, Vinny was seen last Wednesday grabbing his suitcases and hopping into a taxi in the middle of the night. He returned to the house the following day after spending a night in a hotel. Turns out, his return was shortlived. TMZ insiders say Guadagnino left the Shore “for good” on Friday and returned to his family’s home in Staten Island. Sources close to the show say Vinny was feeling “burned out” and “homesick” in the days leading up to his departure.

“I don’t think he will be back,” a separate source told Us Weekly.

T-Shirt Time just isn’t going to be the same.

Reps for MTV told both outlets they wouldn’t comment on the news.

“We do not comment on the production of the show,” Jersey Shore executive producer Sally Ann Salsano said simply.

In an interview with Kontrol Magazine last month, Vinny spoke out about some of the cringeworthy misconceptions he and his Shore castmates face from detractors.

“[People think] we are all crazy and all we do is fight on camera. The hour show you see is minimal footage in relation to what really exists. Many of us worked and went to school before this and we are very family-oriented,” Vinny argued. “The stuff we do in that house probably isn’t half as bad compared to what goes on in some Jersey Shore houses,” he added. “So I think we catch a bad rap sometimes…”

The fourth season of Jersey Shore, set in Italy, will debut on Aug. 4. An airdate for the premiere of Season 5 has not yet been announced.

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