Vince Vaughn Against John Mayer Jennifer Aniston Romance

Vince Vaughn is coming down hard on Jennifer Aniston’s burgeoning new romance with musician John Mayer. The actor has reportedly advised his ex-girlfriend to break up with her new man, telling Jenn: “You can’t be serious — this guy is just using you to make a name for himself.”

A livid Jennifer hopped on the defensive, reminding her The Break-Up co-star that he is hardly in a position to tell her who she may and may not date: “She told Vince that in case he didn’t notice, John already had quite a name for himself … and if Vince didn’t like the reports that were surfacing, he should stop reading the papers and spare himself a heart attack!”

Jenn was left “highly amused by the whole conversation,” a spy for The National Enquirer reveals.

Jealous much, Vincie?

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