Vince Neil Bones Up ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ (Video)


Vince Neil Bones Up 'The Star Spangled Banner' (Video)

Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil performed The Star Spangled Banner in front of the crowd at the USFL Las Vegas Outlaws game. Unfortunately, he left the hard rock edge that he’s become known for out of the performance and fell surprisingly flat.

I’m pretty sure that the team that hired him for the pre-game performance is looking back on that decision and hoping that it was something they could erase from their minds completely.


A lot of performers prepare for events such as these with the aid of lip-syncing or “live” recorded audio, but Vince Neil decided to wing it. Clutching a football tight, the singer wailed the lyrics to the National Anthem, but gave the crowd only enough of which to enjoy a chuckle at his expense.

Does anyone else think that Vince Neil was adequately wasted before taking the microphone and singing for the audience at the game? He was given the privilege of singing the song before the game because he is part owner of the Outlaws team.

If it wasn’t bad enough seeing Neil murder the National Anthem, then there is this equally painful to watch video of comedian Carrot Top and his coin flipping fail:

Beginning at the 7:52 mark, you can see Carrot Top’s flamboyantly styled hair and the extra large coin he’s carrying around. Right after the coin toss, he goes to give a high-five to one of the football players but gets completely ignored.

This video contains nothing but pure D-list celebrity gold right here. Vince Neil’s missing every possible note in The Star Spangled Banner makes me ashamed to have been a fan of Motley Crue’s. Seriously, before handing this guy a microphone, they should’ve given him a field sobriety test. Poor schmuck.

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